Why do I need LXRSEO Tool?

LXRSEO is an incredibly useful SEO tool and task manager for small businesses. Its numerous features allow you to grade your website, plan and perform tasks to boost your SEO results, and measure and compare keyword performance. It also delivers a comprehensive weekly report to your mailbox.

How do I get started?

Click on 'Free Trial' Button just beside 'Login' in the top bar and register to LXRSEO by providing the requested information. Then, enter your website url to get a free SEO analysis that will provide a free SEO score card based on 25 unique parameters and pinpoint errors for you to fix. For help with this tool, please see the LXRSEO Guide.

What is the Site Grader?

The Site Grader is a feature that scores your website on a scale of 100. This number is based on the content, links, social media, and technical build of your website. You have the option to view a more detailed breakdown for each of these parameters. The Site Grader also compares your current and previous score so you can track improvement from day to day.

What is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is a tool that will show how your website is doing while providing all the information you need to monitor your SEO at both the aggregate and keyword level. You can also compare your keyword performance with your competitors’ and track keyword performance for up to 90 days. The Task Manager highlights the progress you have made in your daily recommended tasks and provides a new task each day.

Why should I pay and use LXRSEO?

LXRSEO is an extremely affordable Toolkit and Task Manager that was designed to optimize your websites’ SEO performance. Paid users will gain access to 6 powerful SEO tools that will enable you to monitor your website based upon 25 keywords, complete daily actionable tasks to track improvement, and receive a detailed performance report every week via email.

Is it safe to pay with my credit card?

Yes, our payment gateway is a secured system integrated with PayPal. No credit card details will be shared with any third party.

Are there any applicable taxes?

There are no taxes applicable for any region. Additional currency conversion charges may apply. A few cents will be charged to authorize a debit card. This debit amount will be credited back within 72 hours.

When and how is my subscription renewed?

After the 15-day Free Trial period your subscription will be renewed as per your selected plan. You can always cancel your subscription in the Settings tab. You will be emailed a notification prior to the end of your free trial.

What is the accuracy of the SEO Revenue and SEO Visits displayed on the dashboard?

We use your Google Analytics account to extract site revenue and visit data. You need to provide your Google Analytics credentials and select the right profile to get accurate data for SEO Revenue and Visits for your website.

Are there any prerequisites to use LXRSEO?

There are no pre-requisites for using this tool. However, to gain access to all the benefits and features of LXRSEO, you need an active Google Analytics account for your website. You can still use the free Site Grader feature anytime.

Can I use this tool from any location?

Yes, LXRSEO can be used from any location around the world with any device.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can Login to your account and cancel the subscription by clicking on the settings icon at the top right corner of the page and selecting User Settings.

If I subscribe to LXRSEO, will I still need an SEO Professional on board?

The goal of LXRSEO is to make SEO as simple as possible for every user. The daily updates and action plans provided can be implemented by your IT/Support Team immediately.

Why is the keyword ranking (displayed in LXRSEO) different from the keyword rank on the search engines (when I search for them)?

LXRSEO uses Search Engine API (data feed from Google and Bing) to display keyword rankings. However, the same keywords may rank at different positions when you search and are based on several factors like Geographical Location (of the searcher) and Browser Default Language Setting (when you are setting up the campaign).

I am having issues in entering the Google Analytics Credentials and unable to view the Dashboard Data.

Please ensure you do not have any other Google Profiles opened up in the same web browser. These include GMAIL, Google Docs or any other Google related services.

I am unable to subscribe/login to LXRSEO.

In order to take advantage of the paid components of LXRSEO, please sign in and provide your payment details.

How many domains can I track with your monthly service?

Using our $49 per month plan, you can track one of your domains with up to 25 keywords and up to 5 competitor’s URLS to compare your domain to.

I just started my free trial. What’s my next step?

Simply login to LXRSEO and go to the ‘Manage Account’ page (lxrseo.com/manage-account.html). From there, you’ll be able to setup your account with your chosen domain that you want to track. Next, add in the keywords you would like to measure your domain’s performance against. Lastly, add in the competitor domains that you want to compare your site to. Then you’re ready to begin using LXRSEO!

How do I add/edit keywords?

Step 1: Login to LXRSEO and go to the ‘Manage Account’ page (lxrseo.com/manage-account.html)

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Keywords’ section. To add keywords one by one, simply type in or paste a single keyword inside the textbox and press enter. To add keywords in bulk, put all your keywords in the first column of a csv, tsv, xls or xlsx file, and then upload the sheet using the blue ‘Browse’ button.

Step 3: Lastly, click on ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the page!

What is the price for using LXRSEO past the trial period?

The standard price for LXRSEO past the trial period is $49 per month.

How do I pay with PayPal?

We recommend paying through the secure Credit Card option available on our site. However, if you would like to opt for another payment option, please contact our support team (support@lxrseo.com) and we can send you an invoice to make payments through PayPal.

Why is there a variation in the Sitegrader Score every time I analyse my website URL when I did not make any changes to my website?

LXRSEO analyses only 500 URLs of your website and picks them at random to determine the overall score. When you run the Sitegrader multiple times, there is a chance of slight variations in the scores depending on the URLs picked for analysis.