As you can see, the user types in "fastrack watches", and Google brings up listings based upon the search and how well each website ranks for that search. This ranking is based on many aspects, including the value of the website content, density of the relevant keywords, and overall makeup of the site.

What are the main factors of SEO?

There are many factors that go into the makeup of SEO. On-Page factors are those controlled by the publisher, while Off-Page are controlled by site visitors, readers, and other publishers. This brief overview provides some of the key points to think about in order to succeed at SEO.

On-Page Factors Off-Page Factors



How well are your pages written and how relevant and useful is your content?

Is your content based around what users are searching for?



Do your title tags and meta descriptions describe what the page is about?

Do your headlines and subheads have relevant keywords?


Authoritative Links

Are the links pointing back to your site from across the web coming from respected sources?

How many links are pointing to you and are they worded for what the user is searching for?

Do authority leaders from social networks share your content with their users?



What country, city, or geographical area is a user from who comes to your site?

Do they regularly visit your website?