SEO DashBoard - Keyword Rank Checker

When running your campaign on SEO Tools, we felt it would be helpful if you were able to easily view your site performance across multiple areas.

That’s why we created the Keyword Rank Checker and Website Ranking Tool.

This premium yet inexpensive keyword ranking tool provides all the information you need to monitor your website rankings at both the keyword and aggregate level— all on a single dashboard.

The SEO dashboard screen is segregated into 4 sections, each with a specific display:

SEO Performance shows the number of SEO Visits, Revenue, and Conversions your website had for the previous day along with the current number of backlinks and your site score (taken from the SEO Analysis Tool). As an added bonus, you can track the progress in your score for up to 90 days!

*Please note a Google Analytics profile is required to view SEO Visits, Revenue and Conversions for your website.

Keyword Performance Keyword Performance uses the keyword rank checker to list the rankings of your website for each keyword in both Google and Bing. You can also compare keyword performance with your competitors’ and track keyword performance for up to 90 days, a substantial amount of time for any keyword.

Task Progress Task Progress highlights the progress you have made in your daily recommended tasks, whether pending or scheduled for later.

Task of the Day provides a new executable task each day for you to complete in order to continually improve your website.

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