Search Engine Optimization Tools by LXRSEO

LXRSEO's Search Engine Optimization Toolkit was created with one objective in mind- to help you make your website better. This may sound like a simple goal. However, we know how much detail and effort it takes to fully optimize a website for SEO.

That's why our toolkit is made up of 5 incredibly powerful tools that were designed for small businesses everywhere.

These search engine optimization tools are an integral part of SEO Tools. They were built so you can efficiently plan and perform tasks to boost your SEO results, measure and compare keyword performance for up to 25 unique keywords, and track your progress with weekly reporting delivered right to your inbox.

Each search engine optimization tool has a distinctive function that will help you accomplish complex SEO tasks in a matter of seconds.

  • The Website Auditor Tool checks the status of every single one of your webpages and shows which pages need a title and meta description so you can add them accordingly.

  • The Inbound Link Checker displays up to 10k backlinks of a website and allows you to analyze their quality in order to find the top linking sites to your domain.

  • The Meta Tag Generator quickly generates meta tags for you to use so that search engines will easily identify the content of your site.

  • The Competitor Research Tool allows you to view a competitor's website ranks, number of backlinks, and a site score similar to the one provided by the SEO Analysis Tool.

  • The SiteMap Builder automatically generates up to 100k sitemap URLs for your website - including HTML, urllist.txt and XML - that can be submitted to both Google and Yahoo.

  • The SEO Webpage Analyzer analyze various on-page SEO factors on your website to judge how well it is SEO optimized and whether the SEO elements are in place or not.

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