SEO Website Grader by LXRSEO: Experience the Difference


The SEO Analysis tool, a powerful and extremely affordable SEO tool available on LXRSEO, is a site ranking tool that comprehensively scores your website on a scale of 100. This number is based on the content, links, social media, and technical build of your website.

All you have to do is enter your website url and within seconds you'll be taken to a screen that will indicate your site score along with a list of errors for you to immediately start fixing. As an added benefit, the SEO Dashboard allows you to view a detailed breakdown of your score by category (i.e. content score, link score, etc). Each category is made up of individual parameters and you can simply click the + button to see your score by parameter.

We at SEO Tools specifically designed this to improve your website's performance, as you can not only compare your current and previous score to track improvement from day to day, but also resolve the errors on your site.

The SEO Analysis Tool allows you to:

  • Assess your website's SEO compatibility and compare it with up to 5 competitor URLs.

  • Receive a comprehensive website analysis and score based upon 25 unique parameters.

  • Track your websites improvement every day to see real-time results./p>

  • Download your website analysis report in PDF Format.

When you are ready to start improving your score, you can monitor your daily performance by using the Keyword Ranking Tool.

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