SEO Checklist and Task Manager

We all want our website to perform as optimally as possible. However, getting around to fixing the website errors the SEO Analysis Tool pinpointed during the first step in the process may seem like a time consuming process. Well, the SEO Checklist and Task Manager is another part of SEO Tools built explicitly to streamline your SEO process as quickly as possible.

Each day, the Task Manager will show you a recommended task designed to increase your score until your website is fully optimized and ready to attract even more visitors. These tasks are based upon your site score and are once again broken down by category (i.e. website tasks, link building tasks) into an easy-to-read SEO Checklist.

In order to keep your tasks organized in an efficient manner, The SEO Checklist allows you to either designate tasks as pending or completed or skip tasks and schedule them for later.

As a brief overview, here are just a few of the useful features the SEO Checklist and Task Manager will provide:

  • Recommends daily tasks to improve your Site Score and streamline your SEO.

  • Highlights the task progress you have made and provides a new one every day.

  • The ability to skip tasks, schedule for later, or view them as pending or completed.

Once you have completed your tasks, you can see the daily progress your website has made at both the keyword and aggregate level by going to the Website Rank Checker.

Sign up now and you'll see just how easy it is to keep your SEO efforts organized, on-schedule, and constantly improving.